2019 Research and Scholarship Grant awarded to Dr. Michele A.L. Villagran

The ALL-SIS Research & Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran, assistant professor with San José State University School of Information, is the recipient of the 2019 Research & Scholarship Grant for her proposed project: Examination of Cultural Intelligence within Academic Law Librarians.

Dr. Michele A.L. Villagran

Dr. Villagran will examine the cultural intelligence in academic law librarians in order to understand the perspective of these librarians and to help them better serve their stakeholders. The mixed-methods research will be conducted in two phases and include a web-based survey and focus groups. The following research questions will be examined within the study: (a) What is the overall level of and any variations among the four dimensions of cultural intelligence of participating academic law librarians?, (b) What viewpoints do the academic law librarians have about the value and importance of cultural intelligence within their organizations?, and (c) How can academic law librarians best serve the information needs of their patrons through use of cultural intelligence? Dr. Villagran will present and publish her research findings to share with the law librarian community.

ALL-SIS Grant Applications & Award Nominations Due March 1, 2019

Thinking of attending the 2019 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.?  ALL-SIS members can apply for a number of grants towards attending the Annual Meeting.  They include the Active Member Stimulus Grant, Regular Member Stimulus Grant, and CONELL Grant.


Nominations are also due for ALL-SIS Awards.  These are: Frederick Charles Hicks Award for Outstanding Contributions to Academic Law Librarianship, Publication Award, Outstanding Article Award, and Outstanding Service Award.

Please note that the deadline for ALL-SIS grant applications and award nominations is March 1, 2019.  More information on these grants and awards can be found here.



Bullet Journaling for the Modern Law Librarian

Guest Post by Virginia Neisler, University of Michigan
Submitted using the ALL-SIS Social Media Submission Form

We all have them.  Our desks are littered with scraps of paper, half-filled notepads, to-do lists scribbled on napkins.  Our computers, tablets, and phones are full of documents, apps, digital sticky notes, and a seemingly endless array of organizational tools.  If you are anything like me, disparate systems meant that I was more often than not forced to rely on my own memory as much as the lists.  “I know I wrote it down somewhere…” I would mutter to myself, shuffling through the detritus on my desk and rifling through digital files.  That was until I discovered the “bullet journal”.

Make no mistake; I am absolutely advocating the use of *gasp* paper notebooks.  I know, I know.  I’m such a dinosaur, right?  But like many, many, many others who learned to read on paper, I comprehend better when reading print rather than digital.  Tactile engagement with text, even the simple act of underlining text and making notes in the margins, helps me process and retain information. Continue reading

Marketing & Outreach

Struggling with your library’s outreach? Not sure where to start? Check out the ALL-SIS Marketing & Outreach Toolkit! The Marketing & Outreach Toolkit contains bibliographies (like any good library resource should), information on branding, job descriptions, marketing and outreach plans, marketing tools, resources to enhance your library’s social media presence and user studies. Each subsection within the toolkit offers information on best practices, sample guidelines and examples. It is a go-to resource for anyone hoping to stand on the shoulders of giants to better market the library’s services.

With that said, the only way this resource can continue to remain useful is with contributions from inventive and creative librarians. That includes you! The Library Marketing & Outreach Committee is currently taking submissions to the Toolkit and would love to have your input. Please send submissions to Prano Amjadi at pamjadi@scu.edu.
Access to the Toolkit is available here.

Flowers in the snow

New Beginnings

The AALL website revamp has put the blog front and center. This makes it a great time to recharge the ALL-SIS blog. So welcome back.

You may not know it, but the Social Media Committee has been hard at work planning ways to highlight all the tools ALL-SIS has available to you and all the great work members are doing across the country. One of those projects is the new Submission Form. Submit guest blog posts, spotlights, and even promote events through ALL-SIS social media.* We want to hear from you! Subscribe to the blog to be sure not to miss a post.



*All submissions are subject to review compliance with ALL-SIS social media policy.

Scholarly Interest Survey

Are you interested in resources for research and scholarship? The ALL-SIS Research & Scholarship Committee is conducting a brief, seven-question survey of AALL membership to help us find out more about commonly perceived obstacles to research and scholarship as well as the kinds of support that would assist and promote your projects. The data collected will help us as we develop new ways to encourage your scholarly endeavors.
Please follow this Survey Link to share your thoughts and experience with us.
Thanks in advance and apologies for cross-posting!

-Andrew Lang

Help Keep Austin Weird: Socializing at AALL

Help Keep Austin Weird: Socializing at AALL

Alright, alright, alright. So, you’re headed to Austin for AALL! Beyond the great educational programming at AALL, there are plenty of ways to socialize in Austin. Lots of friendships (and job prospects) are forged at the bar (or coffee shop, music hall, taco truck . . . you get the picture). Don’t miss out on opportunities to network and just have fun. Some social events appear in the program, and some pop up spontaneously. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Guides to Austin

The Local Arrangements Committee does a great job putting together information about restaurants and nightlife. Check out these resources before you get to Austin:

The Local Arrangements Committee’s Insider Travel Guide

Austin Survival Guide

AALL Social Events

Make time for some of these social events open to all attendees:

Saturday Evening

PEGA-SIS Social from 8:00-10:30 p.m. at Speakeasy

An AALL institution! Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Karaoke with Ken from 9:00 p.m. to midnight at Chinatown

Sunday Evening

SR-SIS Standing Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Reception at Hangar Lounge

Monday Evening

Thomson Reuters Customer Appreciation Party from 7:00-10:00 p.m. at Speakeasy

Once you’re at the conference, keep an eye out for impromptu happy hours and gatherings.

Have fun, y’all!

Shannon Roddy, Student Services Librarian, American University Washington College of Law’s Pence Law Library
Member, Academic Law Libraries New Law Librarians (ALL-NEW) Committee