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NEW 2015 Faculty Services Toolkit – Online Now!

I am pleased to announce that an updated Faculty Services Toolkit is now online! The updated toolkit is brought to you by the hard work of the very dedicated 2014-2015 ALL-SIS Faculty Services Committee. I’d like to also give a special thanks to the ALL-SIS webmaster, Creighton Miller, who helped tremendously with embedding documents and webpages.

You can find the toolkit here (login required). Please take a look! We welcome feedback and would love to hear what you find useful or what you would like to see in future toolkit updates.

Thanks and happy holidays!

/Cassie DuBay

2015-2016 ALL-SIS Faculty Services Committee Chair

Cassie Rae DuBay
Head of Research Services
Underwood Law Library
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX

Winter issue of ALL-SIS Newsletter

Happy New Year! The winter issue of the ALL-SIS Newsletter is now available for viewing at

Included in this issue is Remembering Nancy P. Johnson, a tribute to a beloved and esteemed colleague who passed away in December.

Many thanks to all our contributors, and to ALL-SIS webmaster Creighton Miller.

I-Wei Wang

I-Wei Wang
Reference Librarian
University of California School of Law Library
Berkeley CA

Update: Sourcebook for Teaching Legal Research

I am  pleased to announce that the ALL-SIS Sourcebook for Teaching Legal Research has now been migrated to the new AALLNET website. This means that AALL members will be able to access the Sourcebook using their personal AALL login credentials–you will no longer need to use a special username and password combination. You’ll find a link to the Sourcebook listed under the “Popular Resources” tab on the main ALL-SIS website (

At this point, all ALL-SIS website content has been migrated and is available through the AALLNET portal.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any problems or concerns related to the ALL-SIS website.



Creighton J. Miller, Jr.
ALL-SIS Webmaster
Librarian for Research & Bibliographic Instruction
Washburn University of Topeka
School of Law Library
1700 SW College Ave.
Topeka, KS 66621

Election Issue of the ALL-SIS Newsletter

The Election Issue of the ALL-SIS Newsletter is online and posted to the newsletter page at .  It includes photos, biographies, and personal statements from all the candidates for ALL-SIS office for the 2014-2015 academic year.  Please make sure to check it out, and please VOTE!



Barbara G. Traub, J.D., M.L.S.
Head of Reference and Instructional Services
St. John’s University School of Law Library
Jamaica NY

Announcing the New Student Services Toolkit

The ALL-SIS Student Services Committee is pleased to announce that the new Student Services Toolkit is now available online:

The Toolkit was created due to the efforts of the 2012-2013 Student Services committee, led by Morgan Stoddard, and to the current committee.

The committee has also re-organized and added content to the Student Services website (, and to the Student Services Websites & User Guides page (

We hope the ALL-SIS community finds these resources useful in their efforts to expand or enhance services to students. Please feel free to contact the committee with any questions or comments, or to submit additional materials for the Toolkit. We plan to solicit for some specific content in the upcoming weeks.

A huge thank you is due to the ALL-SIS webmaster, Creighton Miller, and to all the committee members past and present who have worked so hard on these three projects:

Amy Ash
Robert Beharriell
Heather E. Casey
Stacy Etheredge
Margaret Krause
Joe Mitzenmacher
Maureen Moran
Jennifer Prilliman
Jacob Sayward
Erin Schlicht
Morgan Stoddard
Jackie Woodside

Frances M. Brillantine
Chair, ALL-SIS Student Services Committee 2013-2014
Head of Access Services
Judge Kathryn J. DuFour Law Library
Catholic University of America

ALL-SIS Newsletter, Winter issue, is posted

The ALL-SIS Newsletter, Volume 33, Issue 2 (Winter 2014) is available on the ALL-SIS website:

Thanks to all the contributors!
Barbara Gellis Traub, J.D., M.L.S.
Head of Reference and Instructional Services
St. John’s University School of Law Library
Jamaica NY

(Apologies for the delay in posting this notice. –Webmaster)

ALL-SIS Newsletter

The June 2013 issue of the ALL-SIS Newsletter is now available on the ALL-SIS website.

Barbara G. Traub, J.D., M.L.S.
Head of Reference and Instructional Services
St. John’s University School of Law Library
Jamaica NY