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Bullet Journaling for the Modern Law Librarian

Guest Post by Virginia Neisler, University of Michigan
Submitted using the ALL-SIS Social Media Submission Form

We all have them.  Our desks are littered with scraps of paper, half-filled notepads, to-do lists scribbled on napkins.  Our computers, tablets, and phones are full of documents, apps, digital sticky notes, and a seemingly endless array of organizational tools.  If you are anything like me, disparate systems meant that I was more often than not forced to rely on my own memory as much as the lists.  “I know I wrote it down somewhere…” I would mutter to myself, shuffling through the detritus on my desk and rifling through digital files.  That was until I discovered the “bullet journal”.

Make no mistake; I am absolutely advocating the use of *gasp* paper notebooks.  I know, I know.  I’m such a dinosaur, right?  But like many, many, many others who learned to read on paper, I comprehend better when reading print rather than digital.  Tactile engagement with text, even the simple act of underlining text and making notes in the margins, helps me process and retain information. Continue reading