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Congratulations ALL-SIS Award and Grant winners!

Congratulations to this year’s ALL-SIS Award and Grant winners!!

ALL-SIS Outstanding Article Award
Douglas W. Lind (Southern Illinois University Law Library) for A Bibliography of Littleton’s Tenures as an Archetype for the Study of Early English Legal Printing, 37 LEGAL REF. SERV. Q. 38 (2018).

Douglas Lind 

ALL-SIS Outstanding Service Award
I-Wei Wang (UC Berkeley Law Library)

I-Wei Wang 

ALL-SIS Publication Award
Mike Widener (Lillian Goldman Library, Yale Law School) & Christopher Platts (Alexey von Schlippe Gallery, University of Connecticut, Avery Point), for their exhibition catalogue Representing the Law in the Most Serene Republic: Images of Authority from Renaissance Venice which explores how the Venetian Republic – a prosperous and powerful state in early modern Europe – cultivated a mythical image of stability, liberty, and beauty.

Mike Widener and Christopher Platts 

Frederick Charles Hicks Award for Outstanding Contributions to Academic Law Librarianship
Anne Klinefelter (Kathrine R. Everett Law Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Anne Klinefelter

ALL-SIS Active Member Stimulus Grant
Deborah Heller (Pace Law Library, Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University)

Deborah Heller

ALL-SIS Regular Member Stimulus Grant
Ashley Sundin (Chastek Library, Gonzaga University School of Law)

Ashley Sundin 

Michelle Penn (The Maloney Library, Fordham University School of Law)

Michelle Penn 



ALL-SIS Grant Applications & Award Nominations Due March 1, 2019

Thinking of attending the 2019 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.?  ALL-SIS members can apply for a number of grants towards attending the Annual Meeting.  They include the Active Member Stimulus Grant, Regular Member Stimulus Grant, and CONELL Grant.


Nominations are also due for ALL-SIS Awards.  These are: Frederick Charles Hicks Award for Outstanding Contributions to Academic Law Librarianship, Publication Award, Outstanding Article Award, and Outstanding Service Award.

Please note that the deadline for ALL-SIS grant applications and award nominations is March 1, 2019.  More information on these grants and awards can be found here.