Teaching Legal Technology Webinar – 5/16

The ALL-SIS Continuing Education Committee presents the Teaching Legal Technology Webinar!

Thur.     5/16     12:00 – 1:30 pm Eastern

Please RSVP to receive your registration link!

Are you considering creating a legal technology class or curriculum for your law school and looking for foundational information?  Or, are you already teaching tech but not sure if you have sufficient learning outcomes and assessment?  Or maybe you are considering turning the class into a certificate program or building a certificate program to see if a formal class can be supported?    If you answered “Yes” to any question, or simply want to find out “what’s all this teaching tech stuff I keep hearing about,” please consider joining “Teaching Legal Technology,” an upcoming webinar from the ALL-SIS Continuing Education Committee.  We will be taking a deeper-than-usual dive into what other institutions have discovered about learning outcomes, assessment, and certificate programs for technology track with speakers who have extensive experience with this still relatively new topic.  Speakers will include Kenton Brice, who is, among other things, a certified drone pilot (University of Oklahoma), Elizabeth Farrell Clifford (Florida State University), Emily Janoski-Haehlen (University of Akron), and Stacey Rowland (University of North Carolina).  We hope you can join us for this excellent adventure!

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