2019 Research and Scholarship Grant awarded to Dr. Michele A.L. Villagran

The ALL-SIS Research & Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran, assistant professor with San José State University School of Information, is the recipient of the 2019 Research & Scholarship Grant for her proposed project: Examination of Cultural Intelligence within Academic Law Librarians.

Dr. Michele A.L. Villagran

Dr. Villagran will examine the cultural intelligence in academic law librarians in order to understand the perspective of these librarians and to help them better serve their stakeholders. The mixed-methods research will be conducted in two phases and include a web-based survey and focus groups. The following research questions will be examined within the study: (a) What is the overall level of and any variations among the four dimensions of cultural intelligence of participating academic law librarians?, (b) What viewpoints do the academic law librarians have about the value and importance of cultural intelligence within their organizations?, and (c) How can academic law librarians best serve the information needs of their patrons through use of cultural intelligence? Dr. Villagran will present and publish her research findings to share with the law librarian community.

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