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Winner of the 2011 AALL Leadership Academy Grant

For the first time this year, the ALL-SIS offered the AALL Leadership Academy Grant.  The ALL-SIS Awards Committee invited ALL-SIS members who were accepted into the Academy to apply for the $1,000.00 grant.   Some of the requirements for receiving the grant were financial need, potential for a future leadership role, agreeing to serve on one of ALL-SIS Committees and writing a short article for the Newsletter following the receipt of the grant.

The ALL-SIS Awards Committee is pleased to announce the winner of the 2011 AALL Leadership Academy Grant.  Congratulations to Jennifer L. Wondracek of Lawton Chiles Legal Information Center at the University of Florida who is the winner of this year’s AALL Leadership Academy Grant.

Masako Patrum
Florida International University
College of Law Library